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Amanda Harrington London Review

Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts. As a trained body artist, Amanda had 15 years of industry experience before creating this bespoke line of vegan cosmeceutical skincare with sunless glows. Her tints were developed for the face and body to even out skin tone and suit the undertones of skin. Her unique body contouring technique uses a brush to create a natural bronzed glow.

I had never personally tried any self tanning products before using Amanda's range. Although, I had applied body camouflage makeup for clients, particularly brides to even out skin tone. I love that Amanda is celebrating skin diversity with her tints, which naturally enhance all skin tones. Even though I am mixed race, my skin tone changes throughout the year and I enjoy getting a summer glow just like anyone else so thought I would give it a go. Below are my thoughts on the range!


The principle is built on the 3 step tanning method where you prep, colour and contour your skin. Just as I would before applying makeup, the first step before applying the tints is a hydrating primer. Followed by an illuminating bronzing mist, which is buffed out with a beautiful blending brush.


Odourless - Self-tan has historically resembled a scent that is comparable to ‘stale biscuits’. The aromaguard in Amanda's tints minimise that sent and I can honestly say they smell delightful.

Non- transferable - By using a brush to buff the tint into the skin, it reaches deeper level of the skin’s epidermis, which reduces any product sitting topically on the skin (which is what tends to transfer).

Alcohol free - Alcohol can be drying for the skin. Instead Amanda has added moisturising ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and CQ10 to deeply hydrate, firm and reawaken the skin.


I tested out the Pre-colour face primer and face mist in natural olive with the contour facial brush.

I was really impressed with the results of the Illuminating Bronzing face mist. I apply a bronzer most days when I wear makeup, so loved that this gave me that natural contour without having to apply a full face of makeup. I also wear an SPF 30 on my face everyday and despite exercising outside daily, my face is nearly always lighter than the rest of my body. Listed below are some of the reasons why I have enjoyed using this range and photos of results directly after application.

1. Pre-colour primer was really hydrating for my dry skin.

2. Face mist created a natural contour - like a bronzer would.

3. Face mist helped blend the skin tone on my face to match my body.

4. Face brush made application easy and created a natural finish.

5. Face mist comes with second skin gloves which are hygienic,biodegradable & latex free.

6. Non- transferable formula, my skin felt like skin.

7. Instant results - recommends to wait 6 hours but photo's were taking 10 mins after application.


I tested out the pre-colour body primer and body mousse in natural olive with the contour body brush.

The pre-colour body primer was a lovely light hydrating formula which created a perfect base for the body mousse. The body mousse contains those all important hydrating ingredients leaving skin feeling moisturised after application. The body mousse includes biodegradable nitril and latex free gloves. Tanning mitts can harbour a lot of germs and absorb a lot of the product, therefore these second skin gloves are a really great option.

Unfortunately given how lovely the weather has been this month and because I spend a lot of time outdoors training, I am a little more tanned than usual. Regardless of already having a slight tan, I was so impressed with the results. One thing that I know a lot of runners struggle with is racerback and short's tan lines from training kit. I decided to see if the body mouse could even out my skin tone and remove 'running' tan lines, which I feel it successfully did. See before and after photo's taken 6 hours after application, as well as the listings of why I have been enjoying using these products below.

1. Pre-colour body primer was really hydrating for my dry skin.

2. Body mousse was amazing for evening-out skin tone & removing visible tan lines.

3. Body brush made application easy and created a natural finish.

5. Body mousse comes with second skin gloves which are hygienic,biodegradable & latex free.

6. Non-transferable formula, my skin felt like skin.


Amanda also has skincare in her range. I was excited to try her New skin Advanced Glycolic facial pads. These exfoliating pads are a great addition to the step 3 tanning system because they help retexture, brightening and hydrating the skin which prolongs and enhances the tan. They smell incredible and are made from biodegradable cotton which works with the Glycolic acid helps to reveal a new supple, brighter skin.

These are a lovely option for any natural beauties who prefer not to wear makeup but just want a healthy glow. Amanda Harrington's experience really shows the attention to detail in her range. As someone who has never used self tanning products, I feel as though this range has been a beauty revelation for me. I can see there is a real benefit to using self tan products for contouring, evening-out tan lines and adding a summer glow. I would recommend all of the reviewed products in this range and will definitely be using them on myself and clients in the future.

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