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Black Owned Beauty Brands & Icons to support

The black live matter movement has shone a light on so many things that we can all do better. To support black lives and proactively engage in being anti-racist there are a number of things we can all do. You can email your local MP, donate to local grassroots organisations like Stephen Lawrence charitable trust, protest safely, educate yourself, speak about racial injustice and call out racism. But one way to directly support the black community, is by buying from black-owned businesses. Especially now more than ever while so many have been disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Mintel reports tell us that black beauty consumers spend 8 X more than their white counterparts." ~ Ateh Jewel

Admittedly, It took black Pound day on 27th June 2020 to happen, before I acknowledged the absence of black owned beauty brands in my kit and that I regularly use on myself. Although I have used a lot of brands like Camille rose naturals & Fenty Beauty in my kit and on myself for years, I wanted to discover and support more small black-owned British beauty brands. I realise that it would be difficult for these amazing small businesses to grow globally and take their rightful places on the shelves of our local health and beauty stores, without me going out of my way to support them now. When Mintel reports tell us that black beauty consumers spend 8 X more than their white counterparts, I feel compelled to hold myself accountable for where I am choosing to spend my money.

So without further ado, here are some amazing British beauty businesses and Icons, that I am proud to support. I've tried and tested all the recommended products and have fallen in love with each and every one of them.



Jim & Henry is a Birmingham based haircare range born in 2013 by Tammy Facey. I've been absolutely loving the Olive, Castor and Rosemary oil formula on my hair. Jim & Henry's Five oil only contains 5 ingredients, is organic and vegan and has been deeply hydrating for my ends. I also love that this product comes in a big size as my curls drink a lot of product, so I get through oils quickly.


Afrocenchix was the first afro haircare range to stocked in whole foods and Holland & Barrett. The company was founded by Rachel Corson and Joycelyn Mate in 2010. The Moisturising hair spray has been perfect for refreshing my hair in the morning before styling my hair before training and the formula is great as a light leave in conditioner, before a styler. It smells really fresh a zesty and their range is 100% vegan.


Kitaka of London was founded by fashion stylist Patrice Monique. She has a beautiful range of organic and vegan lip glosses which come in five different shades. I love the shade 'Tigers Eye' which is a deep mauve gloss on me. It is amazingly high pigmented and most importantly non-sticky and long-wearing.


The west sussex The Fro Hair and skin company offers an amazing selection of face masks, body oils and hair butters which are all organic and use sustainably sourced ingredients from the uk. Their hair butter is like no other butter I have use before, I am obsessed with how it comforts my curls and melts onto my hair. It's almost like a paste which has the most beautiful lemony sent and I love that it comes in a glass pot which is great for reuse and shows the sustainable ethos of the company.


Flora & curl's cruelty-free plant based products are designed to nourish and protect curly hair. They have a varied range of products for different curl types and I love that they offer travel size's in the haircare too. I bought the 'hydrate me' range in mini's so I could sample them all and I know these will be so useful for travel when I start competing again. I was especially impressed with the cream shampoo which left my hair feeling really clean and moisturised and the curl defining gel makes my curls appear so defined and shiny.


Emolyne simplifies finding a nude or red lipstick for darker skin tones. The Metamorphosis velvet semi-matte lip liner and lipstick are so comfortable to apply and wear. The shade 'Mozambique SS101' is a lovely natural mauve nude on me and comes in the most exquisite sparkly lipstick tube. I was so impressed with how long-wearing Emolyne lipstick was and they even have a lovely collection of nail lacquers to match their lipsticks.


Founded by the mother of makeup and the runway, British makeup legend Pat McGrath MBE's range Pat McGrath's Labs has featured in my kit ever since she first launched. However I realised I did not have any of her products in my personal kit, therefore used Black pound day as a good excuse to treat myself to her 'Blitz Astral Quad Iconic Illumination' palette. Although her makeup is expensive, her pigments are so fine that you don't get the same drop-age with her powders and she always has a wide selection for darker skin tones.


Liha Beauty is an organic and vegan skincare business based in Cheltenham & Hackney in the Uk. They have the most heavenly scented candles, oils and butters. The Idan oil is multi-use cold pressed oil for hair, nails, face and body. I love that it solidifies at room temperature meaning it will be another great product for travel. The Queen Idia Candle has a similar floral, vanilla sent to the oil which is so comforting.

"My dad has had a business in the UK since 1958 and I grew up above shops. He is a visionary and a design genius but the world will not know that because like every other black person during that time, he was fighting on a daily basis just to be seen and recognised as a human being and a man. He didn’t get to build his Nike" ~ Liha Okunniwa


British Jewellery maker Monica B has the most beautiful collection of pieces. I was kindly gifted the Calla Earrings which are a gold studded hoop style earring that feel really secure and comfortable to wear and I love the mini medallion and pearl details on them.

If you would want more information on different black owned business you can support visit Uk Black owned businesses. If you would like to see how I use these beauty products in my routine, see my IGTV hair and makeup series on Instagram @adelletracey.



Pat McGrath MBE was one of the first makeup artist to inspire me to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I am forever in ore of her work, everything she stands for and now her wonderful range of makeup 'Pat McGrath Labs'.


Award winning beauty Journalist and diversity advocate Ateh Jewel is a dream to follow. Her energy and passion is so compelling and I am always uplifted by her words. Beyond excited for her plans of launching her own makeup line & book, 'Coils & Curls: The Ultimate Guide to loving your Hair' which I have already pre-ordered.


Dija Ayodele is an Aesthetician, CEO of West room aesthetics and the Black skin directory which supports the unique demands of darker skin. I recently attended the The 'Black Skin decoded' virtual event hosted by Deja and was extremely informative and helpful. She is so knowledgable about skincare and a wonderful person to follow on socials.


Former British Vogue beauty editor and Beauty Director at Glamour, Funmi Fetto is an amazing role model and writer. Her book 'Palette: The Must-have Beauty Bible for Women of Colour' is one of the first beauty bibles written for black beauty consumers.



Adelle Tracey
Adelle Tracey
Jan 20, 2021

I really love Monica. B Jewellery. The Calle earrings are really pretty! They might be registered with Jamii its an online marketplace for Black british business where you can access discounts. Hope that helps!


Jan 20, 2021

How's this jewelry store "Monica. B"? I want jewelry for my brother's wife. They are newly married so this is their first Valentine. Is your store on ReeCoupons like Frost NYC Coupons?

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