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Farfetch Unfollow Campaign

I was grateful for the opportunity to be selected for the Unfollower campaign with online fashion portal Farfetch. Farfetch's Unfollower campaign encourages others to be creative in their given fields by promoting individuals that have unusual careers. Farfetch features my double life as an athlete and special effects makeup artist.

This was something I was excited to discuss, as a lot of people don't realise that until reach a certain level in athletics, most athletes study and work along side their sports. It’s a fine balance having a working life and training as a full time athlete but speaking from experience It can be done. As I am sure a lot of athlete's find being self employed can be a great way to create flexible hours to make it possible to fund the dream. Although it isn't as conducive as having routine, I have found letting my passion lead choices and simply doing everything I can, has lead me to some amazing opportunities and experiences which I know will help me support my future self.

I chose to study makeup & prosthetics at The Arts University Bournemouth, an uncommon route for a sub-elite athlete. I have noticed a lot of athletes tend to gravitate towards academic degree's at larger and sports focused University's to felicitate training alongside study. As a very hands-on and practical degree, it was a difficult to balance with a physical lifestyle. However, ever since I was little art and running have been my strengths. I love makeup and I was willing to work hard if I had to, to pursue both my passions.

I'd like to encourage anyone pursuing professional sports and considering a degree or specific industry of work to not be discouraged. It IS possible to have more than one passion and pursue both at the same time. Of course there are many times when you may have priorities one over the other. That is the balance of life and focusing more on one passion at a moment in time doesn't make you less driven to make your goals happen, it just means you are fortunate enough to have more than one string to your bow.

To read more about my life on and off the track and discover other unfollowers like myself visit


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