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Slowe Club Magazine Cover

"Because woman's sport is just sport" - Slowe Club

Slowe Club is a creative platform for women's sports coverage. I had the honour of being featured on the cover of Slowe Club magazines first ever issue 'Woman's sport: The future issue'.

The article features insights to my creative life as a makeup artist, as well as sporting achievements. We discussed the landscape of woman's sport and how the fashion & beauty industry are having a positive effect on raising profiles of individuals within woman's sport.

What I loved most about the shoot, was that the entire team on set was female, there was something really empowering about that. It was a real privilege to be photographed by Vicky Grout, she captures faces in such a real way in her portraits and I loved that she used a film camera for the shoot. A couple of my favourites are included below.

If you'd like to purchase a copy on Slowe Club magazine visit

Photographer - Vicky Grout

Art director - Ro Jackson

Stylist - Gemma Swan

Makeup - Amelia Conway

Hair - Bex Palmer


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