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Skin in Motion Review: Active Friendly skinwear

Skin in motion is a sports specific range of active friendly skinwear designed by makeup artist and fitness lover, Gia Mills. The range includes a Hydrating cooling facial mist, Sweat dissolving wipes, Light weight Tinted moisturiser and a waterproof mascara which are all Cruelty free. I have to say I am really impressed with the range as a whole, I was gifted this range however only ever speak about products I genuinely love and use regularly. Read more for my review on each product.

I love a facial mist pre and post workout. It's a great way to hydrate the skin in a light way if your not keen on moisturiser as well as SPF before exercising outside. 'COOL IT' actually helps to cool and calm the skin with its natural ingredients of mint & Glicirretic Acid (Licorice Extract).

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid the mist helps to deeply hydrate skin, which makes it a perfect alternative to moisturiser pre exercise and a great addition with moisturiser post exercise, helping cool the skin and reduce redness.

How to apply - Hold approximately 15cm away from the face and spritz two or three times on cleansed skin, pre or post exercise.

Normally I wouldn't recommend exercising with skin makeup on a regular basis. However 'WORK IT' is a beautiful base to exercise in. I love wearing makeup on race day, I feel like for me, its my war paint and make me feel ready to perform.

I am constantly on the look out for makeup that is durable and lightweight enough to feel good wearing when running for competition. This tinted moisturiser is so breathable that it just feels like a light moisturiser on the skin. It contains some really comforting ingredients like Argon oil and antioxidants to help protect the skin and is build-able enough to give coverage. Perfect for those days were you might just want a little confidence boost.

How to wear - I apply 'WORK IT' in after cleansing, using the 'COOL IT' facial mist and an SPF. Little tip is to mix two shade for a natural contour, I use Shade 3 all over with a touch of Shade 4 below the cheekbones and on the forehead.

When exercising it is essential to go waterproof on the eyes to insure makeup is sweat proof. "LIFT IT' does what is says on the tin, with a curved spoolie to scoop the lashes upwards, this a great lengthening mascara that creates natural looking long lashes. I tested 'LIFT IT' during a cross training session at the pool and after swimming I was really impressed to see that no product had dropped below the eye. It truly is waterproof!

How to wear - Prep lashes by giving them a quick curl with eyelash curlers. Stir the mascara wand once the in tube (pumping can push air in and dry out the product) and wiggle the spoolie through the lashes from root to tip. I'd recommend using an oil based eye makeup remover when removing.

Usually I don't tend to use wipes a huge amount in my routine. However I have found these sweat dissolving wipes very so handy. I keep them in my gym bag and they are a prefect quick fix to refresh the skin after a sweaty run before heading into the gym. They are biodegradable and contain a small amount of Salicylic Acid and Pomegranate Enzymes to clear away dirt, sweat and pollution on the skin. I find they are particularly useful for remove sweat from easy to miss areas like the hairline

How to use - I like to use these post exercise in between session to quickly refresh skin and dissolve sweat, dirt and pollution.

Overall I think this is a very considered range of makeup and skincare.I love that is exercise friendly, calming and helpful to a range of different skin types & cruelty free. I only wish that there was more of the range, which I sure there will be in the future, given that it is a relatively new brand.

Skin in motion is available online and in Oliver Bonas stores.

Photo's included by Adelle Tracey



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