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How to Combat Effects of Humidity on Hair & Makeup

After travelling to Chinese Taipei last summer to compete and experiencing humidity on another level, I thought I would document my hair and makeup routine established while staying there. I hope this blog shares some insight into how to combat humidity for hair & makeup. As much as I dislike the effects humidity has on my hair in particular, humid conditions actually have some positive effects on the body.


1. Improves skin cell shifts

2. Skin is moisturised by the air

3. Dryness & tightness are reduced (long term this can be anti-ageing as skin is in a hydrated state more regularly)

4. Sweating helps remove toxins from the body and help reduce blocked pours.



GO NATURAL – If you’re on holiday its best to let your skin breathe and go without makeup.

REALISTIC – however if we are being realistic there’s always that one day be it in the UK or abroad where you might want to feel a bit more glam and wear makeup in humid conditions. SO...

OIL FREE MOISTURISER – Is perfect in humid conditions. Silicone based primers can help hold makeup longer, particularly if you have oily skin. I wouldn’t recommend a primer for daily use as they tend to be less breathable and can cause blocked pours. A lighter alternative would be to use a moisturising mist. However I would always recommend applying a light moisturiser whatever your skin type, especially before SPF.

GO LIGHT – I’d recommend going foundation free and opting for a tinted moisturiser in the heat. If you need more coverage use a concealer where necessary.

CREAMS – Give a more natural finish in the heat, as powders can sometimes become more visible on the skin in hot conditions.

POWDER - Powder foundations can be more visible on humid dewy skin. However I would ALWAYS recommend powdering the T zone and under the eyes with a light translucent powder, to matt & set makeup in place. NARS light reflecting pressed powder in ‘Crystal’ is good pressed powder if on the go.

AVOID RED – Generally if it's hot and humid skin can appear flushed. Avoid adding red makeup on the lips, eyes and cheeks as it can draw attention to other areas on the face which have become flushed in hot conditions.

WATERPROOF – Waterproof mascara and eyeliner helps to avoid smudging. I used Eyeko Sport waterproof mascara travel size - £9 in Taipei which creates long natural looking lashes and worked well with ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DIPBROW POMADE - £19 which I used as eyeliner and through my brows.


Hair can be all different textures, thicknesses and lengths. However I think it is fair to say that all hair types are affected by humidity. Tips below have helped my hair (C3 curly) and I feel recommendations would work well on all different hair types.

TRIM - Getting your hair trimmed regularly will help combat frizzy hair by reducing split ends.

WASH - After shampooing and conditioning hair use cold water to rinse hair allowing the strand of your hair to lay flat.

SERUM - Apply serum if blow-drying or drying hair naturally. Using the hair dryer on a cool setting helps to combat frizz and style sleek.

STYLE – Try a wet look. Sleek styles with gel or a neat braid to keeps ends away and tidy.

HOLD – Wrapping a silk headscarf around the hair for 10 minutes to let the style set or dry encourages hair to stay in shape.

WATER - If away on holiday and regularly swimming, rinse hair ASAP after leaving the water and wash ASAP once finished.

ALWAYS - carry a hair band. Sweeping hair off the neck will have a cooling effect & contain frizzy hair in a crisis.

IF ALL FAILS - Accessorise, wear a hat, headscarf or cap!

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