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Dermalogica Skincare review

Having read a lot about Dermalogica I was intrigued to try out some products for the first time over a period of 6 weeks. After daily use, I would say I have noticed some nice results in the appearance of my skin while using these products. Dermalogica is inspired by science and skin specific and I like that they make it easy for you to identify each product for what you specifically want to target.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a Dermalogica ProSkin Facial at my local beauty salon Simply Skin. Other than it being amazingly relaxing, the facial highlighted area's of my skin I needed to look after more.

My skin has the tendency to become very dry and I struggle to breakdown dead skin cells. Meaning for me a double cleanse routine and daily exfoliator is really helpful for clearing dead skin cells. As a result of spending a lot of time outdoors training, I also have a little sun damage. SPF is important for protection and anti-ageing, however some sun damage is inevitable especially when spending 2-3 months of the year at altitude training where sun exposure is extremely high.


The pre cleanse oil cleanser has an amazing sent and mixture of vitamin E enriched oils to help melt away makeup and dirt from the skin. The product suggest use even when not wearing makeup, however I found it a little heavy just if used solely on it's own and not part of a double cleanse routine. I tend to cleanse and moisturiser in the morning before exercise so just used the special cleansing gel before exercise. In the evening after spending time outdoors, potentially wearing SPF and makeup - pre cleanse followed by the the special cleansing gel is a winning combination.


The special cleansing gel is a soap free clear foaming liquid. You can create a nice lather with this product to clear away the pre cleanse oil or use on it's own to refresh the skin before exercise. This left my skin feeling a lot fresher but still hydrated when using with the Pre cleanse. However having a dryer skin type I usually prefer a non-foaming cleanser if not part of a double cleanse routine. So if you have oily skin this might be a really good option.


The Daily Microfoliant is gentle enough for everyday exfoliating use. Containing rice and oatmeal to give the exfoliant a granulated texture, instead of non eco friendly mircobeads.

The Microfoliant also contains a small amount of Papain (found in pineapple & papaya) & salicylic acid which helps chemically breakdown dead skin cells, resulting in a brighter appearance to the skin. I have to say I generally like a slightly more of an abrasive exfoliator but given this one also has a chemical aspect there isn't the need for a heavily granulated formula. The fact that this one is also a daily exfoliant means a good routine is established.


Dermalogica have now released a sports specific range called 'Athleisure' . The pack contains a multi-active toner, which I am a big fan of. I found this was a great way for lock moisture into the skin before applying moisturiser & SPF pre-workout. Alternatively, using a toner post exercise after cleansing and exfoliating, really helped create a hydrated base for the skin smoothing cream and then makeup. The mist can also a nice way to cooling the skin down when in a hurry. When it comes to day-to-day makeup I don't tend to wear foundation during the day if I am training. However when I am not training or if I'm racing, I do like a little more coverage.


The skinperfect primer is a really good option for a day to day base. It can either be used as a primer or on its own. The mineral ingredients provide a natural tint which almost has a iridescent quality, leaving skin looking 'Glowy'. I would say though I could only use a small amount as the tone leans towards a lighter complexion therefore I wouldn't recommend this product for darker skin tones unless using solely as a primer.

Although I was gifted these items, I only ever talk about the products I genuinely like and use regularly. I have to say overall I've been really impressed with Dermalogica. In the last 6 weeks of use my skin does appear more radiant and clear, which might also be because using these products has encouraged a good routine of regularly cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising. Photo's Included By Adelle Tracey #Skincare #Skin #Beauty #Mens #Womans #Dermalogica #SkincareReview


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